Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp -

Girl Scouts of Maplewood, Oakdale and Woodbury

Fill-able Forms

Our registration forms are now fill-able forms.  Download to your own computer, fill in the forms, print them out, and mail them to the registrar.  Our registrar's address is found on the registration forms.

2020 Day Camp Flyer

2020 Day Camp Flyer

2020 Day Camp Flyer


View the flyer for this year's Day Camp 


2020 Day Camp Flyer

2020 Day Camp Flyer


Download all of these forms for Campers. Please send all of them in at the same time.


2020 Day Camp Flyer

Adult Volunteers


Download all of these forms for Caddies. Please send all of them in at the same time. 

Adult Volunteers

Adult Volunteers

Adult Volunteers


Download all of these forms for Adult Volunteers.  Please send all of them in at the same time.

Boys' Unit

Adult Volunteers

Boys' Unit


Download all of these forms for the Boys' Unit. Please send all of them in at the same time.  Boys entering 1st-6th grade are welcome to attend on the day(s) their parent volunteers.

Day Care

Adult Volunteers

Boys' Unit


We do not have a Day Care at camp.  Please make other arrangements for your little ones on the days you volunteer for camp.

Registration Instructions


Please print the required forms and mail all completed forms with payment to the registrar listed on the forms. The appropriate registration form, health history form and medication information form are required for each person attending camp.

The camper fee is $170 (after April 1 the fee increases to $190).

Volunteer for the full week and your camper attends camp at no charge.

Volunteer at camp for three days and your camper attends camp for $100.

A Boys' Unit is available for boys entering grades 1-6 in the fall. Full-time volunteers may bring one boy at no charge.  The cost for boys is $20 per day for part-time volunteers.


Paying for Camp

You may use cookie credits to pay for camp.  If using cookie credits you have in hand, send them in with your registration.  If you wish to use your 2020 cookie credits, but have not yet received them, write on the form how much you expect to receive and send in a payment for the remaining amount.  Then send the cookie credits to the registrar as soon as you receive them.

Grants are also available for campers.  Grant applications are available on the Girl Scout web site.  If you are applying for a grant, make sure to send in your camper's forms with $10 as soon as possible in order to reserve your campers place. Make the appropriate note on the registration form for the registrar that you are applying for a Grant for Girls.


General Information



  • Caddies and campers are to be respectful and considerate.
  • Caddies are in charge and, as such, expected to take on this responsibility in a respectful, yet authoritative manner.
  • Caddies must be willing to work with girls and set boundaries on what campers can and cannot do.
  • On day one, Caddies will set boundaries related to how much they are willing to let the campers touch or hang on them. (We discuss this in depth with the Caddies, but sometimes the Junior Caddies need help setting these boundaries.)
  • Caddies are not the campers’ peers; they are the leaders-in-training and, as such, expected to act appropriately.
  • The Caddie Director is available as needed during camp to support Caddies and address Caddie-related issues as needed. We encourage you to use her in this manner.


All planning and training is to meet the goal of a fun-filled, safe experience. Invariably, challenges will arise with individuals or a group of people. While camp is fun for most, weather and the age of our campers play a huge role in their behavior and in our own behavior:

  • For consistency and ease of gathering and moving from activity to activity, use the camp-wide quiet sign (raised right hand with GS sign). No talking is required. The sign will spread as others see and follow suit. We use this to both quiet and gather the girls. Raised voices are for fun, not discipline.

  • Buddy system always - adults and Caddies should never be alone with a camper.

  • Set a positive tone from the beginning as to who is in charge and what the unit rules are. Expect campers to acknowledge and respect Caddies as leaders. Expect a positive experience, and most will have one.

  • Not everyone wants to participate in every activity; often times a camper will vocalize negatively if they are unhappy. Do what you can to encourage participation, a positive attitude, and good behavior. Remind campers we are all trying new things and that it is ok to like something that another might not. We learn by doing.

  • Reference the Girl Scout Law, along with rules and expectations agreed to in each unit, at the beginning of camp. Remind the campers of both as often as necessary.

  • Deal with challenging behavior quickly and discreetly. If a situation escalates, or you feel uncomfortable handling it, contact the Camp Director immediately. She is willing and equipped to do so.

  • We do not expect you to discipline campers or Caddies, but we do ask you to encourage positive participation and contact the Camp Director (for campers) or Caddie Director (for caddies) as quickly as possible when they are needed, to either assist you or take over and resolve a situation