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Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp -

Girl Scouts of Maplewood, Oakdale and Woodbury


What are Caddies?

The Caddie Program has been around since the 1970s and the underlying purpose has remained the same. Older girls (going into grades 7th-12th) will develop valuable leadership skills through volunteering at Volunteer-Led Day Camps throughout our Council and at other events such  as Service Unit Encampments.  But most importantly, girls have FUN!

In order to begin your journey as a Caddie, each girl must attend Caddie Training. Caddie Training teaches outdoor skills, outdoor  cooking, tent care, songs, games and communication skills.

Caddie training is a tiered training program.  To begin with, each Girl Scout must take Program Aid PLUS Training.  Program Aid Plus training is for  girls in 6th-12th grade.  It is a day class which helps a Girl Scout to become a Junior Caddie (It covers what formerly was covered by Program Aid and Junior Caddie trainings). When a Girl Scout is in 7th grade or above she may take Caddie  training, and when she is in 9th grade or above, and she has experience as a  Caddie at a Day Camp, a Girl Scout may take Senior Caddie training. Each  level teaches different components of outdoor skills.

A Girl Scout is considered a Junior Caddie, Caddie or Senior Caddie if they meet the requirements outlined below, under Caddie Levels.

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Girl Scouts entering grades 7th-12th in the fall, who have taken the appropriate GS Council training, may be a Caddie. 

Caddie Levels

Junior Caddie


Girls that have taken Program Aid PLUS Training and are currently in 6th grade and above.



Girls that have taken Program Aid PLUS Training and Caddie Training and are currently in 7th grade and above.

Senior Caddies


Girls who have completed Program Aid PLUS and Caddie training, have Caddie experience at Day Camp, and may have attended Senior Caddie training.   

Senior Caddies are selected to be the Lead Caddie for their unit and amaze us every year with their responsibility and enthusiasm.

Caddie Training

Council Training



The 3 levels of Caddie training are offered  by the River Valleys Girl Scout Council.  You may also take the training at Caddoodles camp.

Register ASAP - many of these sessions fill quickly!  Do not delay and register for training today.

For complete information on Caddie training through the River Valleys Girl Scout Council please visit their web site. (Note that Jr Caddie training is now called Program Aid PLUS.)

Training for Our Day Camp


There will be three Caddie orientations for our Day Camp. These  orientations are mandatory. Please make every effort to attend the  entire orientation or make arrangements with the Caddie Director for alternative training dates. 


  1. TBD June 2020, 6:00pm Jr Caddies and a parent, 6:30-8:30 pm all Caddies at Hope Church, Oakdale.
  2. TBD July  2020, 6:30-8:30 pm all Caddies at Hope Church, Oakdale
  3. Sunday, July 23rd, 2020, 1:30pm at Camp Lakamaga. We will help with  camp prep and get to know each other, plus refresh our camp skills!



If you have any questions about the Caddies for the Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp, please contact our Caddie Director.