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Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp - registration@blsudaycamp.com

Girl Scouts of Maplewood, Oakdale and Woodbury

Girl Scouts of Maplewood, Oakdale and Woodbury

Girl Scouts of Maplewood, Oakdale and WoodburyGirl Scouts of Maplewood, Oakdale and WoodburyGirl Scouts of Maplewood, Oakdale and Woodbury

Parents and other interested adults can enjoy day camp along with the Girl Scouts. 

Volunteer full-time and your camper attends at no  charge. 

Join us for three days and your camper comes for $100.

The following volunteer positions are needed:

  1. Unit Leaders
  2. Boys' Unit leader
  3. Programming leaders and support (contact our Director for specific needs)

We need at least 20-25 adults for Day Camp. You do not need to be a registered Girl Scout; however, we will ask you to register as a Girl Scout. You do need a completed background check as required by River Valleys. 

Orientation and training for adult volunteers will be on (date is usually in July 1-2 weeks before camp) at (location TBD). We will cover basic Girl Scout expectations and  specific Day Camp plans.

Please Volunteer

Consider volunteering your time to help girls grow, learn self-confidence and become tomorrow's leaders.

Planning Team Volunteers needed for camp 2020

Kitchen Director

FILLED!!  Thank you Melissa!!

Plans, prepares and provides all food and drink for the week of camp; maintains kitchen equipment and unit boxes.  Need to be able to be at camp all week.

Assistant Kitchen Director

Assists the Kitchen Director in all aspects of food.  Can be filled by a couple people, but will need coverage for the entire week to assist the Kitchen Director.


Design the flyer and registration forms.  Send emails and snail mail to potential campers and volunteers.


Design, order and purchase camp T-shirts, patches, and bandanas.

Programming Planners

Help plan the weeks programs.

Archery and Adventure Course Leaders

Archery and Adventure Course trained volunteers.

Volunteer Adult Staff at Camp


Camp Director

Oversees day camp volunteer staff and planning team; serves as liaison between camp and council; go-to person for concerns related to campers.

Caddie Director

Provides direction, training, and support for all Caddies; serves as a resource for Caddies and adults; go-to person for concerns related to Caddies.

Kitchen Director

Plans, prepares, and provides all food and drink; maintains kitchen equipment and unit boxes.

Craft Coordinator

Organizes and plans the crafts for camp.  Leads the craft activities at camp

Adventure Course

Low Ropes Course certified volunteer that leads the Adventure Course activities at camp.


Archery trained volunteer that leads the Archery activities at camp.

Assistant Caddie Director

Assists the Caddie Director with all activities related to the Caddies.

Assistant Kitchen Director

Helps the Kitchen Director with all food preparation and planing.

Program Leader

Leads both small and large group camp activities including crafts, archery, adventure course; assists with guest speakers.

Camp Nurse

Volunteer with current first aid and CPR certification (NOT necessarily an RN, LPN, or certified health aide).  This volunteer provides basic first aid; administers over-the-counter medication as needed (if authorized to by parent/guardian on the medication form); assists with illness, heat issues; keeper of the health and medication forms.

Adult Unit Leader

Works with a small group of campers, mentors older girl volunteers (Caddies) and serves as a backup resource for unit Caddies leading the unit, ensures safety, assists with disciplinary issues.

Boys' Unit Leader

Leads the Boys' Unit. Cares for the sons  of other adult volunteers attending day camp. Boys entering grades 1-6th are welcome in the Boys' Unit.

Behind the Scenes and Pre-Camp Adult Volunteers



Collects registrations, compiles spreadsheets of camp attendees, communicates with families.


Establishes budget for camp, collects fees from campers and pays bills.

Crafts Assistant

Helps Craft Leader organize and plan the crafts for camp.


Designs flyer and build registration forms. Sends emails and regular mail containing information to registered Girl Scouts in our service unit and to campers who have attended camp in previous years.

Web Site

Builds and maintains the Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp Web Site.

Programming Planners

Help with planning and organizing the activities for camp.


Designs and orders camp T-shirts and patches.  Purchases bandanas.











Adult Unit Leader Role

Each unit consists of 10-15 campers, 2-4 Caddies and 2 adults. The primary responsibilities of the Adult Unit Leader is to supervise the campers, mentor the Caddies, serve as a backup resource for Caddies leading the unit, ensure safety for all, assist with disciplinary issues, and help with activities as needed.

Caddies are leaders-in-training. Their leadership skills and  confidence increase as they gain experience by progressing through the Caddie levels, and taking on more responsibility at camp. The goal is  for them to become comfortable, confident, and successful with this added responsibility.

  • We expect the Caddies to lead the unit with guidance from the Adult Unit Leaders. 
    • Help keep Caddies on task and on time.
    • Assist Caddies in working with campers, especially if a Caddie is having difficulty with a particular task or camper.
    • Contact the Caddie Director if you are unable to successfully resolve any Caddie or Caddie/camper issue.

  • Work with Caddies to keep the unit running smoothly. If you see a  Caddie having a difficult time, guide her through it, taking over leadership only as needed to maintain safety and fun for the campers.

  • Assist in keeping the unit on time and in the right place for the various activities. Ask your Caddies how you can help.

  • Help campers adjust to camp; being away from home, outdoor life (the  bugs); heat and exhaustion. We walk a lot at camp, and we all are tired  by the end of the week.

  • Be sure everyone (including you and your Caddies) stay hydrated and fueled with good food. Encourage drinking water often!

  • Help the campers with the activities when needed. We have other  volunteers leading activities and often they need your assistance in  helping the campers to accomplish the tasks put before them.


Typical Day at Camp for an Adult Volunteer

  • Immediately, upon arrival at camp, all adults attend a daily adult meeting.

  • Each day begins and ends with an all camp flag ceremony.

  • A detailed schedule is provided; you and your group just need to follow it.

  • Typical activities are pocket shots, archery, adventure course, swimming, boating, guest speakers, hands on activities, and/or crafts.

  • Lunch is in the unit everyday. A bag lunch needs to be brought from home on Monday. There will be 2 outdoor cooking over the fire meals and the third meal is a cold lunch prepared by the girls.

  • Thursday dinner is provided and available in the  Program Center. Thursday night we have an all-camp campfire and then sleep in tents or buildings depending upon the age of the campers. (The overnight is optional (although highly encouraged) for all campers going into 2nd grade and up)

  • Wear comfortable closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes. We do a great deal of walking at camp.