Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp -

Girl Scouts of Maplewood, Oakdale and Woodbury


Our Story

We are the Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp Planning Team! We are actively planning our 10th day camp as a team.

Beaver Lake Service Unit represents Girl Scouts from Maplewood, Oakdale and Woodbury. However, Girl Scouts and Adult Volunteers from any area are welcome to join us.

Meet the Team

  • Director – Carebear (aka Carrie Sorenson)
  • Assistant Director - Tigger (aka Dawn Duerre)
  • Caddie Director - Blaze (aka Brenda App)
  • Assistant Caddie Director - JJ (aka Terri Miller)
  • Treasurer – Watermelon (aka Melanie Accola)
  • Registrar - Koala (aka Angela Okonek)
  • Food Director – Melissa Aune (aka Maleficient)
  • Assistant Food Director – TBD
  • Programming - Carebear, Tigger, Blaze, JJ, Smiles  
  • Crafts – Minion (aka Tiffany Bartel)
  • Communications - TBD
  • Web Page - Tigger
  • Product - TBD
  • Team Building – Blaze, JJ
  • Archery – Blaze


Team Member Biographies

 Carebear (aka Carrie Sorenson) - Carebear was a Girl Scout from kindergarten through her senior year in high school and completed all of the Girl Scout ranks along the way. She earned the silver award in 1998 and gold award in 2002. In 2002, she became a lifetime Girl Scout. She was a leader for her daughter's Girl Scout troop from 2009 until 2011. Carebear has been the Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp Director since 2011. Girl Scouts has come full circle for her, and it is something that she is very passionate about. 


Tigger (aka Dawn Duerre) - Tigger was a Girl Scout for 10 years and earned her First-Class Girl Scout Award (today’s Gold Award). She has been an adult Girl Scout since 2004. She was a troop leader for 10 years and was a member of the Beaver Lake Unit Service team for 6 years. She was been the Caddie Director with the Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp from 2011-2019. Tigger is very passionate about Girl Scouts and the outdoors and greatly enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge.

Blaze (aka Brenda App) - Blaze has been a registered  Girl Scout leader since 2012.  She completed the Low Ropes training in  2016 and has been helping with organizing our day camp since 2016. Blaze  has also been a registered BSA (Boy Scouts of America) leader since  2013. She is interested in learning more about all kinds of outdoor  skills and taking as many training classes as she can.

Watermelon (aka Melanie Accola) - Watermelon was a  Girl Scout for 6 years and has been an adult leader since 2008.  Her  favorite activity as a Girl Scout was camping.  Watermelon is a troop  leader for two troops:   a group of Seniors and a group of Juniors.  She  has volunteered at day camp since 2010 and with the Beaver Lake Service  Unit Day Camp since 2011.   She also has been a registered adult with  the BSA (Boy Scouts of America)  since 2007 and has enjoyed camping and  high adventure trips with the Boy Scouts.  Watermelon enjoys being  physically active and spending time outdoors.

Koala (aka Angela Okonek) - Koala was a girl scout for 5 years and has been a Troop leader since 2011. She also has been a Teacher, Cub Scout leader, Sunday School teacher, and Youth Group leader.  She really enjoys working with youth, and enjoys seeing the positive impact Girl Scouts and Camp has made in many girls' lives. Koala began helping as Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp Registrar in 2018.

JJ (aka Terri Miller) - JJ was a Girl Scout from 1st  grade through her senior year in high school, earning her silver award  in 2011. From camper to caddie and now an adult volunteer since 2014, JJ  has come full circle at our camp. She joined the planning team in 2016  and is always excited to come back to her happy place each year!

Minion (aka Tiffany Bartel) - Minion was a Girl  Scout for 7 years and has been an adult leader since 2010. Minion is a  troop leader for the Mounds View Service Unit.  She started attending  our day camp in 2012 with her daughter and was a unit leader.  In 2016,  she started volunteering in other areas of camp and joined the planning  team.

Maleficient (aka Melissa Aune) - information coming

Styles (aka Kayla Glaraton) - Styles was a Girl  Scout for 10 years and earned her Silver Award in 2013. She became an  adult Girl Scout in 2016, after being a Caddie for day camp from  2011-2015. Styles became the archery instructor in 2015, after  completing the council's archery training. Styles's favorite parts of  camp are archery (obviously!), kayaking, and cooking over a campfire.