Beaver Lake Service Unit Day Camp -

Girl Scouts of Maplewood, Oakdale and Woodbury


Is there a bus to and from camp?

Yes.  We have a bus that picks up and drops off campers in front of Tartan High School.  The bus leaves at 8 am and returns at approximately 5:45 pm.

Be at the bus stop by 7:45am so the bus can leave promptly at 8 am.  If it leaves later, then the days activities are shortened.  

An assigned adult always rides the bus.  Your camper will check in with this adult every time before she gets on the bus. Checking in takes time, so please arrive early so everyone has time to check in and the bus can depart by 8 am at the latest.

Does camp still go on even if it is raining?

Yes.  Camp happens - rain or shine.  Please send rain gear  a poncho or jacket is best) with your camper.  If it is really wet, you may want rain boots.  

What should my camper wear?

Comfortable closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes, comfortable shorts and T-shirt. Dress for the weather. Clothes (and your camper) will get dirty, so have them wear something they don't mind getting dirty.

We walk a lot at camp.  Again, make sure they wear comfortable closed-toed and closed-heel shoes.  Tennis (or athletic) shoes are the best option.  

Flip-flops and water shoes may only be worn at the beach.

How old do I need to be to be a Caddie?

Caddies are Girl Scouts who will be entering 7th grade or higher in the fall. Girls may start taking training the summer before 6th grade or during 6th grade so they are ready to be a Caddie staring the summer before 7th grade

What is Caddie training and where do I get it?

There are three levels of Caddie training: Program Aid PLUS (formerly called Program Aid Training and Junior Caddie Training), Caddie and Sr Caddie.  Training is available through the council or at Caddoodles camp. 

What are SWAPS?

Girl Scouts often make small tokens of friendship to exchange with the Girl Scouts they meet while traveling. These little gifts are called ”SWAPS,” which stands for “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere". Visit the Girl Scout Site for more information and examples.


What are dunk kits/bags?

A dunk bag is a mesh bad with a draw string, A dunk kit consists of the dunk bag and a set of camp appropriate dishes - plate, bowl, cup, and silverware.

What is a sit-upon?

A sit-upon is a homemade waterproof cushion.  Girls will use them when sitting around the campfire or attending activities where they will be sitting on the ground.  There are many different ways to make them.  If your Girl Scout needs one for camp, do a search on the web and you will get many ideas on how to make one.


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